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These pet supplies, it loves you also love
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1 outdoor shade of dogs

Crush the bronze skin you, often in the summer to go out in the day sunbathing, but for your dog is not the sun too? After all, it can't be just like human normal perspiration. So, you might as well give it to buy a mini sun shelter, let it sleep inside, but also isolated from the sun. Back to nature is also a little!

2 a lovely dog umbrella

It's very light, don't worry about it being a burden to your dog. More critical is that it is very practical. If your dog hair a lot, so if in rainy days, even with a few minutes will make it cold and may also need to take a bath to remove stains. With such an umbrella, you can go out without any worry in the heavy rain!

3 dog biscuits DIY machine

There is no beauty in the design of cookies on the market. Then you can do it yourself to design different styles of cookies for your dear "family" everyday. Even if the taste may not be much different, but your dog should be able to have a sense of freshness every day. Through the DIY, but also exercise your imagination, recall your innocence.

4 astronaut shape cat Backpack

A cat is not as good as a puppy, so there is no "cat". So you can only take the kitten back. I can't see a thing in the backpack, it will feel fear. So please try this, inspired by the astronaut helmet, your kitten can clearly see the outside world through the transparent round.

5 dog's home Mini tent

With an outdoor tent, there should be an indoor tent. A soft carpet, a small tent, a small but cozy home for your dog. Presumably as the master of you will envy this kind of "home".

6 a miniature camera that records the day of the dog's life.

How do dogs spend their time away from home? With such a micro camera can record one day, ease your miss to it.

7 to the maze of pet chinchillas

These little guys love turn, always have endless strength. So please give them a stage to display their talent. Such a small maze, so that it is looking for export, use their brains. Look at them in the maze of the shuttle, do you think of your childhood?

8 dog's double deck

In the eyes of dogs, this is definitely a luxury! The first layer is a soft small room door can be closed, the second floor is the "invincible beauty" of the open-air balcony. The dog looked sometimes in the upper, and downstairs in the dream, how brilliant life.

9 pet safety seat

Baby has a baby safety seat, why not have a dog? And let the dog sitting in the trunk, give it a suitable size of the safety seat basket, although some small space, but to the greatest extent possible to ensure its safety, let the driver as you no longer have the menace from the rear!

10 kittens comfortable hammock

The cat love lying on a platform overlooking the distant, cold window may not make it feel comfortable, you can buy such a hammock, both soft and good-looking, installation is simple enough.

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