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Pet supplies market outlook is excellent
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Reporters at a pet store in our city to see that there are many varieties of pet dogs and pet cats. The shop owner told reporters: "recently, our business is very good, more is to pet a bath and beauty of the summer guests, pets are very hot, many customers are more willing to give pet pet, do a beautiful shape."

I have raised two dogs, the dog's intestines and stomach is not good, it is easy to get sick, because at that time, Tongchuan professional pet medical institutions are very few, plus I do not have the experience of a dog, do not feed." Ms. Wang regret to tell reporters, because of her previous experience of raising dogs, and now can not easily raise dogs. She wants Tongchuan to have a more professional pet care organization that can help people who want to keep pets like she does to keep them healthy.

Pet clinics in the New District, Dr. Lee told reporters that the pet hospital in Tongchuan less, although his hospital is relatively remote, but the business is quite good. He did not have to do a special hospital propaganda, tourists are relying on customers to introduce each other, usually also can receive a call from the customer advisory telephone. Turning to the development of the future, Dr. Li said: "the medical industry with the city's economic ties with the city, people's leisure time is more, more and more people keep pets. Good variety, high prices of pets can be seen everywhere, I think the pet hospital in Tongchuan may be more, the future will certainly be better."

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