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Interpretation of the development of pet hospital in emerging industry
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Now, the craze for raising pets is quietly rising, more and more pet lovers, a new industry - pet industry has increasingly become the backbone of the market economy can not be ignored. According to network data show that Tianjin currently has a total of about 1 million 500 thousand pet, the pet industry's annual output value increased with the quantity and quality of demand growth in 2015 is expected to reach 500 million yuan. Among them, pet hospitals accounted for most of the market share.

Pet hospital growth is very high, rapid development, the characteristics of a large profit space, but also attracted the influx of many businesses. "People now regard pets as family members, and pay great attention to the quality of life of pets, willing to spend money." The owner of a pet hospital. In recent years, in addition to pet food, pet supplies also sell very well, like some offbeat exaggerated pet clothing is very popular with young people and love, bathing, beauty supplies and shaving device, has become a lot of family pets necessities in pet supplies, beauty, foster medical pet hospital is almost every pet who will go to the ground. It is understood that the current pet market in Tianjin, there are a total size of the pet hospital there are hundreds of.

However, in order to continue to occupy the share of pet hospital, relying solely on the product is not much competitive. Industry sources, the start of a successful pet hospital, high-quality products is the foundation, the core competitiveness should be the doctor's professional and have the heart of the service.

The rapid increase in the number of pets makes the demand for pet supplies surge, pet supplies market size, while showing great potential. In pet shops, pet supplies are extremely rich, covering almost all kinds of products and services that are used by human beings. But the real business opportunities in this market has not yet fully erupted.

At present, Tianjin's pet feeding population is mainly concentrated in the age of 50 years old and 30 years of age and younger generation. And 30 to 50 years of age of the main social consumer groups, due to the pressure of work and life, but it is a low feeding.

Relevant statistics show that the American family pets rate is 62%, the annual sales volume of $55 billion; the Japanese family pets rate of 45%, the annual sales volume of $15 billion; and the China first-tier cities pets rate is less than 15%, the annual sales volume of approximately $7 billion, after 10 years, when the new generation become the main social, free now the main social Chinese down, the pet industry will usher in the real popularity and the outbreak of market size can reach several hundred billion yuan level. Pet and peripheral products businesses, the need for early to seize the huge market opportunities to prepare.

Boutique services to create word of mouth

Many pets treat their pets like they treat their children or spouse. Smart businesses to seize the customer's psychology, to explore the pet surrounding industries, in the original business to increase the type of service. Tianjin pet hospital, the person in charge of quality service is a large and medium-sized pet hospital essential quality of service, such as pet care and pet beauty.

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